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In today's world of litigation, businesses are often faced with this reality. Litigation can be an expensive process, and business owners have many issues to consider when the prospect of litigation arises. Litigation is very much a business decision, whether as plaintiff or defendant.

There are several considerations for the business owner in deciding whether to file a lawsuit. You need the help of competent legal advice to consider these things:
        1.    Is there a case?
        2.    What is the probable outcome?
        3.    What is the strength of case?
        4.    What is the credibility of witnesses and documentary evidence?
        5.    Is the potential relief provided worthwhile?
        6.    What are the damages versus costs, fees, expenses?
        7.    What is the potential impact on business reputation and image?
        8.    What might be uncovered and disclosed in the discovery process?

If your business is sued and you are the defendant, you will need legal advice to help you evaluate whether to vigorously defend or consider settlement:
        1.    What defenses are avaiable and what is the probability of success?
        2.    How much will it cost to defend compared to the potential recovery by the plaintiff?
        3.    How will it affect goodwill and business reputation?
        4.    How important is the business relationship with the plaintiff?
        5.    Is settlement an alternative?
        6.    Is this a case to defend to take a stand against spurious lawsuits and to send a message?

Our litigation support service is focused on results and helping you make the best business decisions in the process. We are here to help you, if you need us.

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