The death of a family member can cause questions and uncertainties about property ownership, real estate title, access to bank accounts and funds for final expenses, how to deal with creditors and how to protect assets of the estate. Probate is the general area of law which deals with these questions and issues, and we will be glad to assist. Probate is the process of dealing with assets in the name of the deceased person. Depending on the size of the estate and the kinds of assets involved, there may be summary procedures available to simplify the passing of ownership. For other estates, more formal probate is necessary which involves filing the case with the probate court and having an executor or administrator appointed to take charge of the assets and see to the orderly payment of creditors and distribution of the assets of the estate.

Many assets of a person's estate pass by designation of beneficiaries, such as life insurance, pension plans, IRAs,and other assets where a beneficiary can be designated. We can help decide which assets pass to beneficiaries and which assets will be part of the probate estate.

Real estate title issues can arise when estates have never been probated for persons who died years earlier. When the time comes to sell or otherwise deal with real estate interests of a decedent that have never been probated, it may not be possible to have clear title. It may require some determination of the heirs of the decedent in order to deal with real estate title.

We will be pleased to help deal with any of these issues, whether a family member has recently passed away or whether there are title issues from years ago.

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